Receiving Emails In Outlook Is Delayed

In order to diagnose a problem with delayed emails, you'll need to know how your Outlook is configured to receive emails. Currently, there are three major protocols used: POP, IMAP, or connecting to an Exchange Server.
If you're connecting to an Exchange Server, reach out to us for support as our technicians could need to look at your server settings to determine where the delay is happening.
If you're connecting via POP or IMAP, you'll want to look through your settings in Outlook for a setting that called "Automatic Sent & Recieve." The setting is located in a few different places depending on the version of Outlook you have, and a quick Google search may help you find it if you know your version of Outlook. Once you've found this setting, ensure it is set to check as quickly as you'd like and you should be good to go!

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