Setting Up Outlook For Android

Step 1. Launch the Outlook app and click "Get Started"
Step 2. Type your email address and click "Continue".
Step 3.  Confirm you're connecting via IMAP.

Look at the blue bar at the top of your screen. It should say "Connect IMAP"
If it does not say "Connect IMAP", click the white question mark icon ( ? ), then choose "Change Account Provider".
Next, choose "IMAP"
Step 4.  Turn on "Advanced Settings" if it is not on already.
Step 5.  Fill in the following settings -
Display Name: [Type your name here]
Description: [Work/personal/etc]
IMAP Host Name:
IMAP Username: [Your email address]
IMAP Password: [Your password]
SMTP Host Name:
SMTP Username: [Your email address]
SMTP Password: [Your password]
Click the checkmark icon in the upper right.
You're done!

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